German Song List 

Planning Your Event

Be as specific as you want, detailing out each and every song, or give me a general idea of what you want and I'll plan the songs. And there is nothing saying you have to choose only German music! You can mix the German music with French, Italian, or even jazz. This is your party... just let me know what you'd like.


  • Annaliese Polka
  • Auf Wiedersehn
  • Clarinet Polka
  • Danke Shoen
  • Ein Prosit
  • Jolly Limberjack Polka
  • Julida Polka
  • Just Another Polka
  • Just Because Polka​

Volksmusik or Classical?

Whether you want the classic feel of the waltzes in The Sound of Music or a kick-up-your heels Oktoberfest party filled with lederhosen and beer steins, there are many German songs to set the right tone for your event.


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  • Blue Skirt Waltz
  • Du Du Liegst Mit In Hertzen
  • Edelweiss
  • Erinnerung
  • Green Valley Waltz
  • Kufsteiner Lied
  • Resi Walzer
  • Sneewalzer
  • Stimmungswalzer

  • In Munchen Haus0:50

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  • Tulips In Amsterdam
  • Wiener Blut
  • Wunderbar
  • Kuss Mich
  • Liechensteiner Polka
  • Lilli Marlene
  • Morgen
  • No Beer Today Polka
  • Schutzenneser
  • Seemann
  • Tic Toc Polka